President The President of the Trust is the most popular pediatrician in the district. He is much interested in the field of medical research and has published several papers in conferences and seminars on various aspects of the dreaded disease polio mellitus. He has arranged for the dissemination of knowledge in respect of complicated cases in his field. He has encouraged and guided a team of dedicated doctors for the cause of health of poor children. He has a natural talent to guide the people around him and as such the Trust has been able to attract the best talent and has grown to the President present status. The chain of institutes run by the Trust is guided and directed by his vision on providing excellent education to the deserving the needy youth of the region.

He has arranged through the institutions of Trust for imparting basic knowledge on childcare especially of rural areas where basic amenities are absent. Such programmes have helped many poor people to keep off from inevitable health disorders. He has a keen interest in ever aspect of education on health and has taken pains to develop ingenious methods of providing effective health solutions. He is for providing best infrastructure in the education institutions of the Trust. The 300 bed hospital complex built by him is a towering six storied structure catering to the most basic needs of the children of the region. It has become a big landmark of city of Hassan.

About Trust

The Rajeev Educational Trust was started by people of noble thoughts, who aimed at bringing about quality education and also to serve members of the society at a large scale. The institution is managed by Dr. Rajeev who is the President of the trust and paediatrician of Rajeev Hospital and Dr.Rathna Rajeev who is the secretary of the trust. Rajeev Hospital started in which helps the students gain there practical experiences as well as provide quality treatment to the patients